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Welcome to Patient Information Service!

You can log in to the HUS information system by using your personal online banking credentials. Click “Next” to continue.

Using HUS Patient Information Service:

HUS Patient Information Service supports the following browsers: Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10 and 11, and Firefox. The service also supports most common modern browsers but the appearance of the website may not be optimal.

Information Security:

Your session will close automatically after two hours. Do not leave the browser window open for outsiders to see.

Closing the browser and all browser windows is recommended after using the service to ensure that you are logged out. Also empty the browser cache. If you are unable to log in, try logging in later.

Further Instructions:

You can give us feedback: Feedback

Use the feedback function to send us feedback regarding the Patient Information Service.

In matters related to your treatment, please contact the unit responsible for your treatment.

You cannot cancel your scheduled appointment via the feedback function.